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On-Campus Photo-Taking Arrangement for 2022 Virtual College/School Commencement

The Virtual College/School Commencement will be held on 27-30 May 2022. We sincerely hope that all the participants will enjoy and have a memorable experience during the event

After the ceremony, graduates of 2022 are welcome to return to campus to take graduation photos with their family and friends from 5 June to 10 July 2022 by registering via AIMS (AIMS > Student Services / Alumni Services > Campus Access Registration for Graduation Photography) from 1 June 2022, 2:00pm. Please read the on-campus photo-taking arrangement on the Commencement website for details.

If situation allows, the University will arrange light celebrations with our graduates during the graduation photo-taking period. Please stay tuned for more updates in the Commencement website.

Last but not least, we are also pleased to announce the Celebration Widgets on the Commencement website are now available. Do try them and share the joy with your friends and loved ones.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavours!