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2022 Virtual College/School Commencement

Further to our email dated 11 March 2022, we cordially invite you to attend the 2022 Virtual College/School Commencement scheduled for 27-31 May 2022. Graduate who attend the commencement virtually will have a slide displaying his/her name, award information and photo on virtual academic gowns, during the Virtual Commencement. If you wish to participate in the ceremony as virtual attendees, please confirm your Virtual Attendance on AIMS (AIMS > Student Services/Alumni Services > Confirmation of Commencement Attendance) from 20 to 27 April 2022. Live broadcast of individual ceremonies will be available from the Virtual Commencement days scheduled below:


27 May 2022 (Friday)

School of Energy and Environment

11:30 am

School of Data Science

2:00 pm

Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences

4:30 pm

28 May 2022 (Saturday)

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

11:30 am

College of Science

2:30 pm

29 May 2022 (Sunday)

School of Law

11:30 am

School of Creative Media

2:30 pm

30 May 2022 (Monday)

College of Business

11:30 am

College of Engineering

2:30 pm



Please visit Commencement Website from time to time for latest updates of the event.

We look forward to seeing you at the Virtual Commencement. Congratulations on your graduation, and best wishes to your future endeavours!