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  1. How can I indicate my attendance of the Commencement?

    Please confirm your attendance between 20 and 27 April 2022 in AIMS >> Student Services/Alumni Services >> Confirmation of Commencement Attendance. Click the button below if you want to do it now.

    Confirm Attendance

  2. If I choose not to attend the Commencement virtually, will it affect my graduation status?

    Attendance to the Commencement or not does not affect your graduation status.  You can choose not to attend the Virtual Commencement. 

  3. I have confirmed attendance of the Commencement in AIMS but now I want to make a change. How do I inform the university?

    Please send your request online to us between 20 and 27 April 2022 : 


    Any requests made after 27 April 2022 will not be entertained. 

  4. If I attend the virtual Commencement, what will be shown during the ceremony?

    Graduate who attends the commencement virtually will have a slide displaying his/her name, award information and photo on virtual academic gowns, during the Virtual Commencement.

  5. If I missed the deadline of applying attendance of the virtual Commencement, do you accept late application?

    No, late requests for attending the Virtual Commencement will not be entertained.

  6. I don't want to use my student ID card photo to be presented during the Virtual Commencement, can I provide a new photo to replace the original one?

    No. Since the current platform does not allow photo uploads, only student ID card photos will be used for presentation during the Virtual Commencement.